Veterinary Application Form

STEP 1: Before you start

Veterinary clinics should only complete this form if:

  1. The treatment that the pet requires:
  • is essential/non-elective. BFF does NOT fund elective procedures such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, or routine examinations.
  • Will result in a survival rate of 50% or greater.

  1. The pet owner:
  • Lives on Vancouver Island, and
  • confirms that they meet BFF’s income eligibility.

Note: We do not provide assistance for animals under the care/guardianship of foster homes or pet rescue organizations.


STEP 2: Ask the pet owner to complete their form 

  1. Provide the Pet Owner Application for Funding (Form 1) to the pet owner for completion. 

If the form is printed and completed by hand, it will need to be scanned (or a legible photo taken of it) before submitting it to BFF. 


STEP 3: Complete the vet clinic form below and submit to BFF

Once you have received a completed form from the pet owner:

  1. Complete the form below in full. (This must be completed by a veterinary clinic.)
  2. When directed, attach the completed Pet Owner Application for Funding (Form 1),proof of income eligibility and any additional attachments provided by the pet owner such as pet photos.
  3. Click submit.