For Veterinarians

Who We Help

What are the criteria for assistance?

  1. The pet owner must:
    • Be a resident of Vancouver Island.
    • Demonstrate financial need 
    • Agree to follow the directions of their veterinarian regarding after care for their pet.

Note: BFF does not provide assistance for animals under the care/guardianship of foster homes or pet rescue organizations.

  1. The veterinary care to be provided must be non-elective (that is treatment without which a sick or injured animal will die, require humane euthanasia, or experience undue suffering). BFF does not pay for elective or preventative care such as spays or neuters, vaccinations, and routine examinations (e.g., check-ups).
  1. The pet must have a 50% or greater chance of survival with the recommended treatment.
Dr. Michelle Lareau

How much money does BFF provide?

We may provide up to $600 per pet annually, to a maximum of two pets per household.

What is the process for requesting funding?

All applications for funding must be submitted to BFF by a veterinarian or vet clinic. If approved, we will send the funds promptly and directly to the clinic. This is a quick and simple process that provides tremendous value to the client, and often helps keep pets united with their people.

Please do not ask pet owners to contact us directly. We will only consider requests for financial assistance that are submitted to us by a vet or veterinary clinic.

How To Apply

How do I apply on behalf of my client?

We are completely volunteer-based, so we cannot guarantee timelines for response. However, we check our emails frequently and strive to approve requests within 24-48 hours.

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