For Pet Owners

essential veterinary care

What type of veterinary care does BFF pay for?

We assist with the cost of essential veterinary care for sick and injured pets. This includes diagnostic examinations, lab tests, medical imaging, medications, and surgery. 

We do not pay for elective or preventative care such as spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and routine examinations. If you are experiencing financial hardship and require assistance with an elective treatment or procedure, you may wish to contact:

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Who We Help

Am I eligible for assistance?

To be eligible for assistance from BFF, pet owners must:

Note: BFF does not provide assistance for animals under the care/guardianship of foster homes or pet rescue organizations.


How do I apply for funding?

Do not contact BFF directly. All inquiries and applications for funding must be submitted to BFF by a vet or veterinary clinic. If the application is approved, BFF will send the money to the veterinary clinic.

  1. Confirm that you meet our eligibility requirements.
  2. Speak to your vet to determine if your pet’s treatment is eligible for assistance from BFF. Click here for more info.
    Please make sure that your vet knows about BFF. Be sure to share our website with them.
  3. Download the Pet Owner Information Sheet
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