BFF Teams Up with Bottle Depot in Victoria

There is now another– very easy – way to support BFF: simply bring your empty beverage containers to any of the three Bottle Depot locations in Victoria and donate your refund. 

The process is easy:

  1. Gather Your Empties: Collect all your empty beverage containers – from soda cans to juice cartons and milk jugs (including plant-based milk containers).
  2. Visit a Bottle Depot Location: Balfour’s Friends Foundation has partnered with the following three Bottle Depot locations:
    • 4261 Glanford Ave. (North of Vanalman)
    • 655 Queens Ave. (Downtown Victoria)
    • 3961 Quadra St. (South of McKenzie)
  3. Share Your Intent: When you arrive at the Bottle Depot, inform the staff that you’d like to donate the refund from your empties to Balfour’s Friends Foundation. 

So, next time you’re deciding what to do with those empties, remember that when you visit the Bottle Depot, you’re not just recycling, you’re turning bottles into hope, healing, and brighter days for animals in need.

*If you live on the Saanich Peninsula, take your empties to the Sidney Return-It Depot at #5-10025 Galaran Road and tell them you would like to donate your refund to Balfour’s Friends Foundation.

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