Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Victoria and serve all of Vancouver Island.

Any type of companion animal is eligible for assistance from BFF.

BFF assists with the cost of essential veterinary care for sick and injured animals. 

We do not pay for elective or preventative treatments such as spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and routine check-ups. For assistance with elective treatments, click here.

We provide up to $600 per pet annually, to a maximum of two pets per household. 

These are individuals who are experiencing financial hardship at the time that their pet requires essential medical care. Click here for eligibility requirements

We do not provide assistance for animals under the care/guardianship of foster homes or pet rescue organizations.

All applications for funding must be submitted to BFF by a veterinarian or vet clinic.

BFF is entirely volunteer-run so we are unable to provide immediate responses to requests for funding. We cannot guarantee a response timeline; however, we check our emails daily and as long as all criteria are met, we strive to approve requests within 24-48 hours.