About Us

Helping Animals to Heal

Having a sick or injured pet is a stressful situation for any pet owner.

For pet owners experiencing financial hardship and unable to cover the cost of the required veterinary care, that stress can be magnified exponentially. They may face difficult decisions: surrender their beloved companion, have them euthanized, or reallocate funds from their own necessities of life such as food or rent in order to pay the vet bills.

The best outcome for all involved in such cases – pets, pet owners, vets, and over-burdened animal shelters – is to help the animals to heal and to remain in their loving homes. That is the mission of Balfour’s Friends Foundation (BFF) and since 2012, we have helped close to 500 animals on Vancouver Island do just that!

Registered Canadian Charity # 845693449 RR 0001

Making an Impact

Why We Do What We Do

Our founder, Stephanie Munkley, realized the need for an organization like BFF through her work as both a community physiotherapist for Island Health and a paramedic for BC Ambulance. In those roles, Stephanie was frequently in the homes of low-income people, in particular seniors and people with disabilities. Time and time again, she saw the important companionship that pets provide for these vulnerable members of our community. For some, their pet is the only living soul they interact with on a daily basis. For all, their pet is a beloved member of their family. 

The human-animal bond is well-documented. Research has shown that sharing our lives with an animal can have a positive impact on a person’s physical and mental well-being. At BFF, we believe that by contributing to the health of companion animals, we are contributing to the health of our communities. 

Who We Are

Who is Balfour?

Our foundation is named in memory of the late Staff Sergeant Balfour Munkley, an animal lover who served with the BC Provincial Police and the RCMP. Balfour’s granddaughter, Stephanie, is one of the founders of BFF.

Our Board of Directors

President: Stephanie Munkley 

Vice President: Scott Treble 

Treasurer: Shelley Michno 

Secretary: Lisa Gee

Director at Large: Emily Marra 

Staff Sergeant Balfour Munkley
Our Core Values

Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs


We provide financial aid for low-income pet owners on Vancouver Island, to help their sick and injured pets receive essential veterinary care and stay together with their families.


We envision a future where all pet owners on Vancouver Island, regardless of their financial means, can access the veterinary care their beloved companions need and deserve.


Compassion: We care deeply about the well-being of both pets and their people.

Respect: We know that financial hardship can carry a stigma. We treat pet owners with respect and dignity, and provide assistance without judgment.

Collaboration: We are stronger when we work together, both within our organization and externally, by partnering with organizations that can help us to expand our impact.



We Believe That:

Supporting Human Rights

Diversity and Inclusion

BFF unequivocally supports and champions the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and the treatment of every person with fairness, dignity and respect. We are wholeheartedly committed to kindness and sensitivity in honouring the human rights of every individual with whom we have contact, especially when we provide assistance to the most vulnerable people in our communities.