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Veterinary Clinic Request - Balfour's Friends Foundation


Please Note: The COVID-19 Pandemic  severely curtailed our ability to fundraise since 2020. As a result, at this time, we must limit financial requests to veterinary clinics on Vancouver Island.

We do not provide assistance directly to pet owners. In order to process a request for financial support we require that the veterinary clinic submit the following information on behalf of the pet owner:

  • Estimate for the work to be done

  • Prognosis/suspected outcome/survival expectancy for the Pet

  • Age, Breed, and Name of Pet

  • Proof of Low Income for the Pet Owner as well as their Spouse (T4, Statement of Benefits, Paystub etc.)

  • Contact Information for the Vet Clinic

  • Any other assistance the Pet Owner is obtaining through financing or other foundations.

  • Completed Request Form

Once we have all of this Information we will be able to process the request very quickly.

Veterinary Clinics are asked to either complete the on-line form below or download the form, complete the form, and return by email the file linked below (Word format) :

Balfour's Friends Veterinary Request Form 

If you are a Pet Owner seeking assistance, you may wish to download the above form and provide a copy to your veterinary clinic to complete and submit on your behalf.

If you are unable to download and complete the form, please contact us using the form below and advise us what format may be suitable.


Business Name of Clinic *  
Address of Clinic (Street, Town, Postal Code) *  
Phone & Fax Number for Clinic *  
Name of Contact Person at Clinic *  
E-mail Address for Clinic *  
Client Names (Owners & Pets) *  
Age, Breed, and Name of Pet *  
Any other information you wish to provide