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Pets that we've helped - Balfour's Friends Foundation



October’s Good News


Hello wonderful BFF supporters! October was a busy month for our foundation and we were able to help 11 beloved pets with veterinary costs and assuredly 11 grateful pet owners!


  1. Tenor the dog required investigation and medication and we helped with the cost.

  2. A sweet kitty named Pandora was in need of treatment and medications as well and we were there to contribute.

  3. Our friend Felony the dog who we have helped in the past needed further assistance and we supplemented his vet costs once more.

  4. Loki the cat required X-rays and an overnight stay and Balfour’s provided financial aid.

  5. Another appropriately named feline, Lucky, was the grateful recipient of an urgency spaying and treatment and we covered the cost.  (Lucky may have a different view on this! )​​​​​​

  6. Along came precious Mylo the dog who was in need of urgent assessment and diagnostics and BFF was upfront to help with the costs.

  7. Jinx the kitty received funds for urgent treatment and medications.

  8. Libby the dog needed dental extractions which we provided funding for as well.

  9. George the exceptional canine needed his teeth removed and we donated to the cause.

  10. Cali the cat also required dental extraction and BFF was able to assist.

  11. Last but certainly not least we provided financial assistance support for Abbey the pup who needed an urgent procedure.

Our ability to help owners and their beloved pets is possible because of YOU and your generosity! Thank you a million times for your caring and support for our fundraising efforts! Our gorgeous 2023 calendars are for sale now. Happy November to all of you…

August & September 2021

Time for an update on all the great work being done for our beloved pets! Veterinarians from all over the lower Island have been contacting us for financial assistance for their low income clients and we have happily assisted at each request. In early August a dog named Star needed a lump removed from his eyelid. Kirby the cat required a much needed exam and spaying. We helped a ferret named Sebastian have an exam and medications. . Felony the boxer required an important GI investigation and Balfour’s was there when Hodge the cat required an abscess removal. A cat named Tiggy was suffering with much pain and required an eye removal to greatly improve his quality of life. We were asked to help a kitty named Mumu who was in need of dental extractions and were able to help Sugar the feline with medications for a urinary tract infection. September continued to be all about our feline friends as Buddy was in need of a lumpectomy and Simba and Precious had examinations and vaccines. As you can imagine behind every pet is a very grateful owner and we at Balfours Friends Foundation are also grateful your continued support of our fundraising initiatives and your generous donations so we can keep pets and their owners happily united! Deepest thanks from Stephanie and our team!


July 2021

The good news is July was a slow month. We like to think that all the animals in need are being helped or we would have had more requests. Although a sweet dog named Jess was having bladder issues and we were there to help. Cooper the cat received funds from Balfour’s several months ago and we were able to help again with the remainder this July. We all just read the heartfelt letter of thanks from the owner of sweet Annabelle the dog who needed surgery.

June 2021

Unfortunately some of our  vulnerable furry friends did not survive and our hearts go out to those pets and owners


 Now some news to lighten your hearts…We were there for Daisy and Luna the dogs when they needed medications. We helped Mac the dog get his vaccines updated and Balfour's was there when Roo the pup was in need of assessment and medications. We heard that Jett the dog also required assistance with examinations and medicines and we helped out. Then the  amazing kitty named Razor needed funds for imaging and medications  and we came to his aid.  Shiloh of the canine persuasion needed dental care and we helped there as well and then last but certainly not least a dog named Kai needed some assistance with dental care and medications and we provided funds! That is a total of eight little souls that have been helped and possibly saved by this great foundation! 


May 2021
The requests have been coming in at a steady rate during the month of May! 


Misu, beloved kitty needed medicine and testing and then sweet Audrey the cat needed dental extraction. We gladly obliged with our contribution to the the costs. We helped Kitka another feline, with much needed ultrasound and bloodwork and hope she is on the mend!

Next  we helped Oakley ( love the name!) a beloved dog also needed dental extraction ... may his chewing days be many! After that we helped Tum Tum the kitty with costs related to a lumpectomy. Then we were asked to help with Titan and Loki  dog and cat respectively with costs of spaying and neutering.... Jess the puppy needed medical imaging and Peggins the dog was spayed with our help. Then.... Bella the guinea pig got a respiratory illness and was treated with our assist. Hope she’s breathing easier! Just yesterday a request came in to help two beloved dogs named Daisy and Luna with medications which we provided funding for as well.