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Donate your rewards - Balfour's Friends Foundation


Want to donate but not really sure how? Well we have a quick and easy way for you to help us! 

When you fill up at at any Peninsula Co-op location on the lower Island (Duncan down) give them our Co-op number - # 80000 - yep, that's right! Eighty-Thousand! And if you forget our number just tell them to put it on the Balfour's Friends account and they can look it up in the computer!


At the end of the year we will we receive a rebate cheque thanks to you - our community! All funds received through the rebate program will go directly towards helping those in need pay their veterinary bills.



Sidney Return-It Depot
We have an account at Sidney Return-It Depot, #5, 10025 Galaran Road, Sidney, BC  V8L 2S1.  You can donate your cans and bottles to Balfour's Friends Foundation or Acct #200.